Casablanca is the only moroccan restaurant in Nagoya.

Moroccan restaurant Casablanca
  • Welcome to little morocco in Nagoya "CASABLANCA" 052-953-7774MARHABA!!!

    Indeed,  one step in the door and you are in Morocco, surrounded by young multilingual good looking Moroccan chefs and staff, who are there to make sure you are nowhere else if only for a night, but in Morocco itselfCasablanca CuisineAs Nagoya's one and only authentic Moroccan restaurant, Casablanca is proud to be your window on Morocco (the land of a million beauties) and Moroccan cuisine - widely considered to be among the best in the world.
    We invite you to experience our multicultural flavors, and harmonious
    Mixtures of taste - from sweet honey and cinnamon, to the zest of home-made preserved lemons - all mingled with the rare and aromatic spices unique to Moroccan cuisine alone
    Casablanca EntertainmentCasablanca Restaurant features Belly-Dance shows every Friday, Saturday and Sunday 2nd,4th night!! There's also a mid-week show on the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays each month. Don`t miss the next show.
    Other than the regular Belly dance show night, Casablanca also features different events monthly, pls check back often for event news!




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Hello all my favorite customers
As you must have noticed, the TAJINE is EVERYWHERE now, TV, Magazines, and News papers, our Tajine is the BOOM this season. Basically people want to try and cook Tajine at home, NOT sure how I feel about that since I`d ofcourse rather see you here at Casablanca, but I thought I can help you anyway with the special spice mix to get close to our Tajine even at home, we have made the mix for you, it is available at Casablanca and for only 1000yen per 20g.
Please call  for details 







Belly Dance shows

  Come enjoy a true Arabian Night experience with our fun and sexy Belly Dance Shows!!!    
Fri-Sat from 8:30 Sundays 7:30  : Show charge: 1000yen/person    
Wednesdays : FREE  show charge.    
Sometimes open stage shows : FREE of charge
CALL for reservations ASAP: 052-953-7774     

Check out the schedule and dancer of every  month on " EVENT " page